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egg-shellsMy “Walking Meditation” is an anti-anxiety remedy… When I am anxious I do a walking meditation in my room, wherever in the house I am… I imagine the floor to be made of eggshells that by all rights would be crushed if I stepped there. These metaphors for the great empty vacuum acknowledge existence at the atomic level, the vision being about the fantastic distances that live between the electrons (planets) and the nucleus (sun). All is vibration at this level of consciousness, nothing is truly “solid” as we imagine, thus the eggshells are my little distortion to suit the image.
I take an inhale, actually more of an exaggerated, hyperventilated in-breath like I’m shocked to the core. I step out forward into the room expecting at any time to tumble into the vacuum. By all rights the eggshells will break and I will fall into the vastness that awaits. Anxiety dominates as I meekly tender a foot and slowly press my weight forward. And to my shock and relief, I can whisper to myself, “the earth still supports me.”
There I find calm, exhale. Then, once again I step out, fully anxious, fully vibrating with the worry, the fear. Inhale like I saw something really scary (the broken eggshells giving way to the deep hole beneath their fragile layer, and hyperventilate) and step, then amazed, I repeat, “The earth still supports me!”
This is a ritual of roping the anxiety and putting it down through your foot into the vapors. It works because with the breath you are fully engaging in a conscious manner the Kundalini that is awakening (Snake) but because you are allowing it to “go unleashed” it has no outlet. Does it dominate you? By doing five or six steps the way I describe, something new occurs.
I am somehow “done” with the anxiety, I have confronted it, found it a channel and now I dominate it. In the ancient imagery, the Goddess has her foot over the crescent moon, the symbol of the unconscious waters that she dominates. Now, you dominate them too. Color a mandala!
Mandala #59