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The Mandala Calendar 2016 by Claire-France Perez (Calendar) – click here to purchase, at Lulu
Handy to plan for the Eclipses and the Mercury Retrograde, as you manifest your plans for 2016. For some, you must proceed toward big decisions and shifts in your expectations or plans. (So it’s brilliant to manifest the support, or the next item on your bucket list.)

Follow your visionary heart. Lead the way into the dream which is yet a plan. Manifest with Mercury’s retrogrades and the eclipses. Mandala Wall Calendar, by Claire-France Perez, 16 months, September 2015 through December 2016. Featuring the full immersion of pattern, whether in the sky, on a sail, in a desert, or on the rocks. All seasons are right for manifesting. Map your manifesting destiny, work with the cosmos to achieve your Congratulatory Event.

13.5″ x 19″, coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-color interior ink.

NOTICE: On 10/01/15

price and content change:

$32, 12 months of 2016.