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Creating. Achieving. Claiming. Believing. Fulfilling. Coloring. Visualizing. Manifesting.

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Visualization is the most demanding skill in the manifesting effort. Your focus on one single image over time is the goal. It is the image which grows your crystal-clear hologram and teaches you more about what to expect from your next 12 month’s aspirations.

Visualization is a manifesting tool, and is a practice, much like playing the piano or learning to dance. Training of the mind’s eye is based upon the true needs of the heart and the motivations which must benefit others, as a rule. The distance between personal needs and community wants becomes closer and more harmonious as development in coloring mandalas channelsĀ the fear-and-worry brain chatter to another route, replacing it with new patterns. In manifesting we seek the most wonderful feeling of satisfaction and joy in advance of the manifested event.

Training the feeling of joy to rise up at will is part of the visualization process. There are several steps to it, and all must be completed in sequence for the training to become absorbed and learned.

With each tool introduced in the Mandala Manifesting course, a detailed, video procedure to support full training will accompany the session.