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Capture your vision. Create your crystal-clear hologram.As an astrologer, the idea of orbits and returns are not anything new. Planetary motion is continuous, and all planets and stars have features in common. Applying these perceptions to our goals and aspirations first meant that a slowing-down of brain activity was important. Modern life celebrates our 24/7 world with too much light, too little rest. People are “too high” from solar bright (attention-getting) acts.

In Mandala Manifesting, we climb down from our super reasoning self, to incorporate more living from other areas, like heart beats, imagination and sighs.


Manifesting leads to understanding the Universe, its spin and rotation. These are the actions from which manifesting proceeds. Consider the model of galaxy and its little copy, the atom. Planets to molecules, to atoms, to galaxies, everything both rotates and has orbit. Everywhere also is a “vacuum” hardly noted by Cartesian science. Yet, we are in its centrifuge. As change is created, imperceptibly these transformations are ongoing, and at levels of consciousness too distant to perceive. With astrology we have a hint at the waves about to rise.

These forces are ours to enjoin and connect with, allowing more creative interplay between your future and your current experiences. Yes, a connection can be drawn in the imagination, where the plan becomes distinct, even crystal-clear. That image is likened to a hologram.

With manifesting and mandalas, new creativity can be channeled as you do the Mandala Manifesting exercises. Be attentive to pattern. Train on an image everyday. The trajectory of creativity, from pure imagination to achievement, requires daily repetition. This is a pattern also, one that breeds new experiences in surprising ways.

To locate your destiny, enter into the creativity at the center of a mandala. You are coloring. You are mapping in the calendar for the retrogrades of Mercury (“go back two steps”)  and the regular eclipses occurring between the Sun and the Moon (other priorities charge in). In this calendar we can better prepare either a strategy of extensions for your accomplishments or a deadline upon which our attention will be required elsewhere. How to recover from the interruption? This is crucial in perseverance. We know in advance that restraints will redirect our attention. What is the strategy that enables resumption of the manifesting effort?

It’s helpful to have these patterns as reference. We can choose to see them in the form of mandalas. Coloring slows down the day to allow some breathing time. Coloring and working with mandalas are a form of meditation simply. Once your brain has benefited from this break it’s easier to train the mind’s eye to expect joy.

We are here to create a better day, every day, until we have to ask, “How good can you stand it?”

Welcome to precognitive “manifesting.”