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With apologies for my clumsiness on our October Blab! Did not record the meeting with Michael Mataluni, who was generous with ideas and experience, and who helped expand the concept of Manifesting and Crowdsourcing. Michael is a principal in a new product, two-years in the making since the 750k Kickstarter launched the “Thing Charger.” RESCHEDULED: WEDNESDAY NOV 4.

Feeling passionate about the young mother (fathers, too!!) who wants to raise children in a better world. Don’t give up and isolate your children in a protective tunnel. Let’s demand that village, you know the one!

I’m visualizing a group of moms gathering with their children, and organizing a university student to supervise games in a park or community center, where parents can unite: color their mandalas and visualize, activate and achieve that village. Spread the love.

I have no idea how it’s done. But you might. Grandparents are invited to join the movement for greater integration between generations and families who can knit together the kind of village that shares the responsibility of raising children.

Let’s make our lives easier and produce more enriching experiences for kids.We have the political clout. Funding for parents’ peace of mind in a sharing of responsibility for our kids is what we can do through responsible organizing at the local and national level.

I’m starting to reach out to the community most sensitive to the need for visualizing: Young mothers. God parents and grands invited too.

Together, we are manifesting the best in 2016

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