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Today I had a conversation with a new (six months, or less) friend. She lives in Spain. She’s English. And she’s completely obsessed by her love of animals. Better yet, she’s married to a man who loves her for it. I came to know her as I wrote about Turmeric spice. On an FB Group, she asked me if it could heal her cat. The cat had been days laying in the same place, breathing only. No other movement. My new friend was in despair. Even the veterinarian recommended the final needle. “It’s a bleeding and ulcerated intestine,” he had said. Later he was shocked to learn Claudia had restored appetite. The cat, Claudia was treated with “emergency dosage,” Golden Spice in suppository. My friend got on her rubber gloves and made the application. The first one was easy.

claudia-kittyThe second one (24 hours later) was difficult.

(Edited by Sheena Jack) That night she went on the TUG (turmeric user’s group, Facebook.com). She was already using the golden paste for herself and her husband, and also for various ailments in the dogs.

We ended up chatting and I suggested the turmeric in suppository form.  She got on her rubber gloves and made the application. A 50/50 mix of turmeric powder and butter, using an old capsule foil. Popped it in the freezer. The first one was easy as the cat was so weak but the following morning Claudia was shouting for her breakfast. It was that fast!   So the healing began.  Every night one suppository  and Claudia´s appetite was insatiable.  When they returned to the Vet 7 or 8 weeks later in Feb he was shocked that not only was she still alive but thriving, her intestines were completely clear and the gamma glutamyl transfer level had dropped from 451 to 100.  With the intestines being clear she now administered the Golden paste orally once a day for the next month.

Months later, the cat bounds about and eats at will, lazes in the sun and hums her little purr. All is well in Claudia the Cat’s world.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
This morning my friend in Spain wrote, “Hello, I’m here again with another of my oldies. Phoebe (dog) is about 18, not sure as we picked her up in Greece. She is blind and deaf and has dementia or whatever it’s called in dogs. The last few weeks she has not been eating well and has lost a lot of weight. Tried everything I can think of but now she is really weak and falls down. It’s awful to see but she is very old and had a terrible life and lots of puppies before we found her in a bad state. She has been on the turmeric months now so I have decided to start her on suppositories. I am also giving her brewers yeast and kelp. Would love your views please x”

With permission, I reproduce our latest chat. My voice is italicized.

The turmeric as usual is all I have researched and it is good for open bleeding wounds, and all things that redden whether acne or infection, bruise or stress of any kind. The suppositories will be carried throughout the body and also become the best antibiotic you have ever seen.
but I don’t really know about all the other conditions and their relief. My sisters and I are also taking magnesium for muscle management.

that’s great thanks x she is very old but just want to make her as comfortable as posible. I started taking kelp after reading a little about it and not sure if it is that but have more energy and feel brighter in myself. Hope you are well and thanks again. x

I’m doing great and love love love to be in on all your doggie & kitteh love.

ha ha usually people unfriend me! just got one that was taken to a kill station near Portugal. She is about 8 weeks old and a fiesty Little thing. x

haaha people that love animals like you must also have a little of the obsessive about them or nothing would get done!

you know me so well. You have to go all out and even then you are too late to save them. Last week we tried to save an abused puppy but by the time we went to pick it up it was already dead. Not a thing you can do about it as the people who had it were into dog fighting along with the pólice. Only thing is to steal them when you can, which is what someone did and then try to get them somewhere safe. Sadly this Little guy didn´t make it. Makes me so angry frown emoticon

A true crusader. The potential here is that we become truly crusader friends!! Amazed by your dedications. What you might need is a ritual for handling these disappointments.

I have a ritual for when they leave here but it doesn´t work very well. When one Little one left he was due to come back in 2 weeks when his new owners went on holiday. It was easy to see him go knowing I would see him again soon. They had to cancel their holiday but I was ok by that time a Little disappointed but ok. Tried thinking the same when other have left but not working for me. x

I will write a guided visualization for your needs

ha ha i do go on a bit x

but but…
you must!!
it’s the only way!!
is to be who you are.
those traps where the grief and anger are stored
that’s not as productive and can feel difficult and make you depressed
and you need your energy for your mission and your marriage
so a ritual that I write will be a visualization
about 30 minutes
of recording
that can guide your vision and keep you on an even keel
that would be wonderful. Something I really need. I hate so deeply sometimes
had a phone call but didn’t forget our chat.
I will work on this and let you know asap!!
you´re like my guardian angel, always feel good when we´ve chatted
Tuesday May 12, 2015 12:44am
Phoebe ate her breakfast this morning grin emoticon
You did an application? Seems like the same results as for Claudia! [The cat was treated in November 2014, and her first morning was spent gulping food. I made some suppositories with just the turmeric powder and coconut oil, same size as the ones for Claudia. Might be a coincidence but hey I´ve got my happy on grin emoticon
So cool. What a satisfaction for you
How can it work so quickly? We haven’t even taken Phoebe to the Vet as just thought it was her time and we would just make her comfortable. Not getting my hopes up but it´s a positive alright
It is a very powerful antibiotic
and the suffering animal may be dealing with infection that we don’t know about
Turmeric itself has about 12 different actions including antibiotic
yep, i´m a great believer in strengthening the immune system and letting the body heal itself.
It is truly a superior treatment to so many others and is proving to the medical industry that this is the new model of possible medicines that means medicine with multiple targets
Even thinking of trying the suppositories myself. Have had to have injections this year for allergies. We live in a pine forest and i have difficulty breathing and feel really unwell. So glad I found turmeric and YOU x
Just want to tell the World!To me this is the very best use
I know, right? I have found that turmeric also helps in the question of vaginal dryness. Now beginning to see that turmeric may have been in use by the Cathar people of France who were decimated by the Pope in the eleven hundreds. Decimated because they used turmeric as birth controlSometimes you meet people who change your life for the better. You are my person Claire heart emoticonWow. That’s the 2nd time I hear that today! Way Cooool.Only the second!Lolz7 hours ago
Phoebe had a really good day yesterday, actually had 4 small meals without having to be coached. This morning she has had a long fit, never seen this before and I think she is having Little strokes as well. Think today will be very sad here as feels like the end is close frown emoticonshe has just had another seizure. poor old lady doesn´t know what´s going on so plenty of cuddles and massage today to stop her feeling scared. Will continue with the suppositories and see how we go.x