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Three sessions, maximum 30 minutes each. Fill the gaps in your marketing education. If anything is missing, you won’t benefit from your efforts!

Friday April 22 5PM

First session: who is your ideal client? This exercise will reveal a strategies to address your visitor
Choose two of your clients. Describe them. Multiply them. Talk to them.

Friday April 29 5PM

Second session: what is being offered when online publications ask for your contributions without remuneration? Why would anyone just give away their hard work?

Friday May 06 5PM

Third session: start your sales funnel, create your free offer. This is the layout of a fully actionable selling strategy for a product of your invention.

All three sessions are offered at no charge. They will be recorded. If you’ve signed up, you will have access to the video, handouts and questions session for one year. These sessions are “quickies” designed to supply a complete answer to the strategies that seem to be working for anyone else but you! This “free” course will be later offered on a professional education site.

The "Free" Astrologer

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You have perhaps seen other astrologers, other consultants in the spiritual category use techniques to encourage more people into their conversation. Much like the traditional free sample at the grocery store, we are compelled to start a new conversation with prospects (people you haven’t met yet) by offering a little taste. When that conversation is about them, and repeats their concerns, it can generate good will, particularly after they receive their free and valuable item from you. Yes, that is the goodwill that we want to cultivate and which provides a fuel that will jet your practice to a new level of accomplishment when you incorporate new training that gets results. How To Do “FREE!” in your Practice is a structure, more like a script working in a “Yes” or “No” sort of flow chart, at first. I will take you from this primitive understanding and complete the structure of what is needed in your practice when you truly understand your obligation of using this “Free Stuff” method for growing your audience. Do astrologers know everything they need in order to be FREE? You may find that the answer is no!

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