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Claire-France Perez is an astrologer, writer, questions ponderer, pointer of the sky, asking questions of the Universe. She resides in South Pasadena, California where she is daily making films, authoring cool stuff and hanging out on Facebook. Listen to her interview with Sara Troy of Self-Discovery Radio, recorded in June 2015, ranging from her experience with Golden Spice to the Mandala project.

Get My Happy On
Turmeric, India’s Golden Spice rescued me from a life confined to a wheel chair. The recent discovery of the role of inflammation in the brain, and its indication of depression was a further happy moment. Moreover, the spice promoted a feeling that my love life was also not quite over, even at the tender age of 60-plus.

Get the nearly-40 page article containing a daily journal, dosages, anecdotes and research on Turmeric for healthy living. Age is Not The Problem: Eat Turmeric for Ache-Free Living

Get the article on eliminating painful sex, recovery from birth and renewing desire, Ayurveda’s Complete Natural Solution to Vaginal Dryness

Mandala Manifesting, with The Mandala Calendar​
Complete that Bucket List. Grow the Audience. Visualize Your Intention. Make it Happen.
The Visionary Course: https://www.udemy.com/mandala-manifesting/

Marketing the Astrologer​
Asking the astrological community to consider their audience, ask questions, grow.

New (re-established after 15 years) blog