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Manifesting happens anyway. Manifesting is what happens to us as we witness our life. What we have now is the result of unfocused manifesting. To direct the events of our life is to manifest consciously. Manifesting is a choice, no matter if we say so or not. We experience everything through that filter. Since that’s the case, we might do better for ourselves to design the outcomes that suit, the kind we like, the kind that describe our
Manifesting with the timing of Mercury’s Retrograde means you are considering delays or derailments to your manifesting goals. Your strategy, when planned in advance, can help advance your mission in spite of these events. Manifesting with Eclipses is a factor that may, on rare occasion, entirely subjugate the manifesting intention. Strategies for each and by zodiac sign are useful entries into your overall calendar. Three live sessions offer interactivity and fun for participants who want to
via GIPHY The Mini-Series is really all you need to get started on your amazing journey. Look for the email links for your Dear LOL (Lord of Life) Letter, and a few mandalas for printing and coloring.
Get a front row seat in a live conference where Claire-France Perez will deliver a short talk and follow up with up to 90 minutes chat session (or as long as we can handle). Get the details when you enter your details, below. Watch your email for crucial web conference and call-in phone number for the 25-minute talk.
via GIPHY Download the “Dear LOL” (Lord of Life) Letter Visualization is the most demanding skill in the manifesting effort. Your focus on one single image over time is the goal. It is the image which grows your crystal-clear hologram and teaches you more about what to expect from your next 12 month’s aspirations. Visualization is a manifesting tool, and is a practice, much like playing the piano or learning to dance. Training of the mind’s