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My passion for the year 2015 has been the threading together of a complete transformation, (2012-2014) as opposed to the current, the arrival on this, the “Other Side.”  The chasm left by Pluto’s transits described the Cardinal Grand Cross on a personal level. Stories shared as time permits. As you manage your current Pluto transits, learn to “get away” for a moment at a time to color a mandala. Below, Mandala #222, the “cover model” for the 2016
The Mandala Calendar 2016 by Claire-France Perez (Calendar) – click here to purchase, at Lulu Handy to plan for the Eclipses and the Mercury Retrograde, as you manifest your plans for 2016. For some, you must proceed toward big decisions and shifts in your expectations or plans. (So it’s brilliant to manifest the support, or the next item on your bucket list.) Follow your visionary heart. Lead the way into the dream which is yet a plan. Manifest with