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As an astrologer, the idea of orbits and returns are not anything new. Planetary motion is continuous, and all planets and stars have features in common. Applying these perceptions to our goals and aspirations first meant that a slowing-down of brain activity was important. Modern life celebrates our 24/7 world with too much light, too little rest. People are “too high” from solar bright (attention-getting) acts. In Mandala Manifesting, we climb down from our super reasoning self,
With apologies for my clumsiness on our October Blab! Did not record the meeting with Michael Mataluni, who was generous with ideas and experience, and who helped expand the concept of Manifesting and Crowdsourcing. Michael is a principal in a new product, two-years in the making since the 750k Kickstarter launched the “Thing Charger.” RESCHEDULED: WEDNESDAY NOV 4. Feeling passionate about the young mother (fathers, too!!) who wants to raise children in a better world. Don’t give
The meaning of spontaneity, that’s blab.im. Today we managed at conversation attempting to arrive at Joy. Let me know in the comments if it was achieved!
BUILDERS OF THE ADYTUM, Los Angeles, California, location of spiritual teacher Ann Davies’ Builders of the Adytum (BOTA) which inspired levitation, humanity, windmills, and warmth. The first time I attended temple services or the regular Thursday Night Lecture was in November 1970. I had in the recent 48 hours that day, had a fantastical dream, one that took me into the “canyons of your mind.” (Is that a song from the 1960’s? It was indeed, but
[wpsr_addthis] Claire-France Perez is an astrologer, writer, questions ponderer, pointer of the sky, asking questions of the Universe. She resides in South Pasadena, California where she is daily making films, authoring cool stuff and hanging out on Facebook. Listen to her interview with Sara Troy of Self-Discovery Radio, recorded in June 2015, ranging from her experience with Golden Spice to the Mandala project. Get My Happy On Turmeric, India’s Golden Spice rescued me from a
My passion for the year 2015 has been the threading together of a complete transformation, (2012-2014) as opposed to the current, the arrival on this, the “Other Side.”  The chasm left by Pluto’s transits described the Cardinal Grand Cross on a personal level. Stories shared as time permits. As you manage your current Pluto transits, learn to “get away” for a moment at a time to color a mandala. Below, Mandala #222, the “cover model” for the 2016
The Mandala Calendar 2016 by Claire-France Perez (Calendar) – click here to purchase, at Lulu Handy to plan for the Eclipses and the Mercury Retrograde, as you manifest your plans for 2016. For some, you must proceed toward big decisions and shifts in your expectations or plans. (So it’s brilliant to manifest the support, or the next item on your bucket list.) Follow your visionary heart. Lead the way into the dream which is yet a plan. Manifest with
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My “Walking Meditation” is an anti-anxiety remedy… When I am anxious I do a walking meditation in my room, wherever in the house I am… I imagine the floor to be made of eggshells that by all rights would be crushed if I stepped there. These metaphors for the great empty vacuum acknowledge existence at the atomic level, the vision being about the fantastic distances that live between the electrons (planets) and the nucleus (sun).