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Mine is a long pursuit of manifesting, which began in childhood as a student of the occult. By the time I was 18 I was learning how to astral project. I was very interested in practical occultism and found that manifesting was one of my favorite skills.

Mandala Manifesting, Visualize Your Best Year Ever

I won a fashion design contest that sent me (and my best friend) to Europe, a dream or manifestation which rose from my return from living in France for two years. I subsequently gained my degree in fashion design. I have many, many stories –some very funny stories—about manifesting. (watch for these on my blog)

Lately, I’ve decided I’m finally at peace in my life. This is also the result of manifesting. I had said to myself, “I want uninterrupted time, and I want sandwiches to be delivered under the door. I never want to be disturbed, except to socialize!”

In my visualizations, I specified the bedroom type and the various details that go with the comfort in my housing.  In August 2014, I came to live in this beautiful home and now I’m writing. Here, I was free to imagine what project I wanted to produce, and thought about what would excite me to talk about for the rest of my life.

I also needed to create a business. This home, this lovely perch is not the basis of security for the rest of my life, certainly. Whatever I chose to do as a business would have to be founded upon a level of enthusiastic feeling, since I’d be talking about it for the rest of my life. I love astrology, but it’s hard to create a business out of that, people have tried. I’m writing the book on “The Marketing Astrologer.”


I love talking and writing about manifesting more than anything. I began last Christmas. I wanted to have a Year Planner, a Wall Calendar, A coloring book and a course. I’ve achieved all three, with the 100 Mandala Coloring Book & Journal at its center.  What that means is that we’re going to slow down for about 20 minutes a day just to color. And by wiggling your wrist and choosing a red, then a yellow, then a green or purple pencil, by moving into creative, seemingly small choices and decisions we’re slowing down time just for a few minutes, and allowing creativity to take over. And in our exercise on this visionary course, we’ll be launching into a future of our own design.

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